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Watch Specs

What material is an Amis d'Anvers watch made from?

Is my watch water resistant?

What sizes are the Amis d'Anvers watches?

Strap Specs

Are all Amis d'Anvers straps interchangeable?

Can I order extra straps for my watch?

Do all straps fit all watches?

What material are the straps made from?

How to adjust the size of your mesh strap?

How to change your strap?

Which wristwatch has more durability, one with a (suede) leather strap or a mesh strap?


How long is the warranty period of my Amis d'Anvers watch?

How can I claim the warranty?

Returns & Cancellation

Can I return my watch?

Are there costs linked to returning a product?

Can I cancel my order?

Shipping & Delivery

What are the delivery times for my order?

Do I need to pay shipping costs?

EU regulation

CE regulation